ending the night with a very special piece in my collection: the beatles - white album, 2014 mono remaster/repress, unadulterated, no digital bullshit, straight to vinyl from the masters, 1/unknown. good night from the wax world!

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back to regular programming. american football s/t deluxe edition, green/yellow 180g, 1/2000, first press

we interrupt this broadcast of sunday slowdown with some fries and beer 🙌

it’s never different. the way you say my name hasn’t changed in years. you used to call. i used to answer. it took so long to see that it was a virtue. you give me all the motivation i’ll ever need. to change for good or to never come back home. it’s like i like your words but can’t stand your accent. it’s never different i know because i’m self-aware enough with who i am to be alright.

hello, i hate sundays.

wow ferris bueller’s day off never fails to pick me up ever